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Our JULY 2014 Image Vault has 1,701 New Pictures! JOIN NOW!

We have just updated our popular IMAGE VAULT, adding 1,701 New Large Pictures of our hot women. On it new pictures of our newest models: Andrea Luna, Celeste Gomez and Valentina Garcia, plus new ones of your known ones like Laura Hernandez, Juanita Mendoza, Tere Ortiz, Martina Velarde, Alondra Chavez and many more….JOIN NOW for the whole month of JULY 2014 sending $24.95 using Paypal to: for fast IMMEDIATE Full Access to our 17,125 pictures on it. JOIN NOW!….. To see a larger image:

Luck really exists!….I got the proof here!

I saw these pictures on a blog I don’t remember about a year ago. That girl on these images became my daydream. I did extensive searches all over the internet for her pictures; went to that blog to find out where that image came from originally…No luck! No way I could find out who she was, where she lived, how could I find her…I needed her to pose for me so badly. Couldn’t stop thinking about her precious face and her unreal huge super legs! She became a constant thought within my dreams…SHE:


Then luck came to knock at my door. More than a year after. On my now censured blog I had on Facebook I received a week ago a friendship request from a woman. Since I had about 100 different requests over there daily, some days passed without having the chance to check on them all. She didn’t had any image of her friendship request. SHE WAS that girl!…And SHE WAS REQUESTING TO BE MY FRIEND!!!!…. Could you believe that?… Could you? I really feel so unreal, so weird that the same girl on the pictures was asking me to be added at that Facebook page. I accepted her, and immediately she sent an inbox chat asking if I was really seeking models. f course I said yes, and asked for some pictures I could see of her….Then the LUCK stroked me directly at my face! That was the same girl!….THE SAME GIRL I dream about!…Could you believe that? Then the incredible happened: She was using a nick, so didn’t told me her real name, and we exchanged a chat for over half an hour…. so before she said bye, I dared and asked for her cell phone number…WHICH SHE GAVE TO ME!!!!!….. Then two minutes later I received the dreaded notice from the crack heads at Facebook cancelling that page…. What could happened if I didn’t had her number? There I was to fall again into desperation, and worse now that I knew I finally had contacted her!…And lose her because of the cancellation? There was no way to find her again…without her name and without her phone number. Luck was on my side and the rest is now history,. She came to me 3 days ago and posed for her first ever sexy video and a whole bunch of pictures…These you can get at my C4S Store: AND WAIT!….There are more news!….She just came today to my office and we made a deal to create her own website….So how about that to be the cherry at the top of the ice cream? So…keep watching this blog and hopefully very soon I will announce the launching of that one…Meanwhile, enjoy some of the first pictures I shot of her, the yummy and precious CELESTE GOMEZ! Now my exclusive model @


Meet my hot new discovery: CELESTE GOMEZ!


Please welcome hot new model CELESTE GOMEZ! A 26 year old single mom that has some….well…DAMN!….I have really no words to describe the enormous sex arousal her marvelous huge legs have caused over me yesterday as she posed for her first time for sexy pictures and videos. She is 5’2” tall and weights 341 lbs….You got to see her to believe how stunning these huge pair of monoliths are! DANG!… AND WHAT A WONDERFUL PAIR OF HUGE YUMMY ARMS SHE HAS!…..No words! No words! Get her newest video at our C4S Store:…or cheaper directly from us:

Damn People!

Somebody just an hour ago took the courtesy of denouncing our newly created Facebook account for our website. After just 3 days somebody just went to tell Facebook we featured suggestive images of our women, and then Facebook just suspended it. Facebook is plagued by thousands of pages featuring not only suggestive, sexy pictures, but hardcore images of sex acts, full genitalia exposed of men and women alike…. So after some thinking we suspect somebody might be after this thing; somebody just hating us or somebody angry at us…no idea. Anyhow I just wanted to let you all know about this, specially these that joined that Facebook page. Thanks. MB

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